Transforming urban communities one relationship at a time.


At Urban Alliance, our goal is to foster and promote community development programs within urban communities. Since its inception, Urban Alliance has fostered many positive programs, beginning in Kalamazoo County through various partnerships. The goal of Urban Alliance, Inc. is not to duplicate services but rather to work with people and organizations that have creative ideas on how to fill service gaps within their community.


One time we asked the founder of Urban Alliance, Nate Bull, to describe why he started Urban Alliance in one word. Of course, Nate being Nate, he said there were two words. His words were Love and Justice.


We believe that everyone is valuable, that everyone is worth investing in, that everyone needs to be loved and pursued. Love breaks down walls, love builds bridges, and love lays the foundation for transformation.


Bryan Stevenson once said: The absence of poverty is justice. These wonderful people we work with, need us to walk alongside them, assist them, encourage them, and together we can break down the systems that have held them back. We believe the biggest force of change is an empowered hopeful individual, when you see that, you see justice.

Stories of Transformation

Ferrien’s Sucess Story

Ferrien is the true definition of an overcomer. Jumping through the many obstacles that life threw at her, Ferrien graduated the Momentum Program in fall of 2016, and then came back to attend the Production Tech Academy at KVCC the Groves....

BJ’s Momentum testimonial

BJ graduated from the first term on the Momentum program in 2013 and has been working hard ever since. When we first met BJ he was in a tough place, living out of his car with little hope for the future. After graduation he immediately got a part-time job and kept looking for that full-time position.

So now that you know a little bit about us, help us Impact the lives of our community today!

News & Announcements

Volunteer Opportunities at Urban Alliance

Thank you so much for considering how you can assist us in transforming urban communities. If you have items you would like to donate or purchase for us, we need your help. Contact us for way to get involved.