Abi Hunson

Abi Hunson

Momentum Program Manager


Abi is a graduate of the Community Health Education program at Western Michigan University with a strong passion for serving others.

Abi shares that she is engaged in this work because, “I always want people to feel comfortable, accepted, and loved. I want everything that I do to flow out of love and acceptance.” Abi believes that when people know that they are loved and accepted it drives them to continue to learn and grow as an individual. “By seeing beyond their status or their circumstances and seeing them for who they truly are, that is what brings transformation.”

Abi shares, “When I’m not working you can usually find me spending time outdoors with my dogs, talking about my dogs, buying toys for my dogs, or longing to be with my dogs.” Born and raised in Michigan, Abi enjoys traveling and experiencing the great things that Michigan has to offer.