Elizabeth Bernhard

Elizabeth Bernhard

Director of Engagement and Academies


Elizabeth started working with Urban Alliance as a collaborative partner in May, 2015 through her prior role as Director of Career and Continuing Education at Kalamazoo Valley Community College. Elizabeth led the initiative to establish Career Academies, short-term technical trainings, held exclusively for Momentum graduates. After three years and with eleven Momentum Academies under her belt, Elizabeth joined the Urban Alliance team in June, 2018 as the Director of Engagement.

Elizabeth brings a diverse professional background to Urban Alliance with experiences ranging from corporate training and development, to nonprofit case management, executive coaching and seminar facilitation, instruction of Intercultural Communication in higher education, and leading anti-racism workshops. Elizabeth has a passion for self-development work and is a staunch advocate for systems change so as to impact the lives of our most marginalized members of society. While a native of Michigan, Elizabeth has lived in both Spain and India, as well as several large cities in the United States.

When Elizabeth is not working, you can find her paddle boarding with her husband, enjoying her pool with family and friends, laughing with her 18-year-old daughter, and dancing in the kitchen as she cooks.