Nicoshi Brockman

Nicoshi Brockman

Classroom Assistant, AmeriCorp Member

Nicoshi joined the Urban Alliance team in October, 2018 as a Classroom Assistant for the Momentum Urban Employment Initiative. Nicoshi is a proud Momentum graduate, and is honored to become the first Momentum Graduate to be hired by Urban Alliance.

“Momentum helped me recognize and understand my worth and what I had to offer to the world. Momentum is an incredible program that proved to me that no matter your past, or current situation, you have value and are worthy. I am a firm believer that with the right mind set, guidance, and people next to you, you can overcome and achieve anything.”

Nicoshi has experienced the transformational power of relationships and second chances, and desires to bring this positivity and life changing experience to the people of Kalamazoo.

Nicoshi is a wife and the mother of 3 beautiful children. When not working or running around to her children’s activities, you can find her at home with her family and their 6 pets, out with friends, or somewhere quiet with a coffee and a book.